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"April showers bring May flowers" . .  I've heard that somewhere before . . . Well, not in California. Buddy! We're in a drought! The only shower you'll get is in your bathroom, and it better be under 5 minutes!! 
'Tis true. It's been threatening to rain for a week, but it's only idle threats, idle threats . . .
Anyway, what've we been up to, you ask?
Well, Alison celebrated one year of reading to you from our living room. Can you believe it's already been a year! And she's still going strong.
Ah, but then last week, there was 'Nellie is an April Fool' direct from the Comedy Club in our basement. Oh, we had a good time with this one! Had some new material, answered a lot of questions, and Roswell had a cameo at the end. Great fun!
By the way, Happy Easter!! Alison got her vaccine recently, so we were very excited. (You may have seen her on FaceBook, acting like a squirrel!!) Then later we went to UCLA and had our blood drawn to be part of a study regarding how the vaccine works. This made for a good weekend.
Without further ado, here's the Alison's Activities Run-Down:

1.  Daily Book Readings - Every day, usually at 1:30 pm Pacific time, Alison goes on Facebook Live and reads. She started with the Little House books, finished those, and she's now on Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, the fourth book in the Land of Oz series. But then she started back with one of the Little House books. Here's the link to her page: Alison FaceBook
2.  Bonnets, Etc. - Bonnets, tin cups, books, photos, Alison sells them all at her online store, 'Not Your Mothers Mercantile'. Here's the link to the store: Mercantile   Just got a new shipment of bonnets, so we may be able to handle specific color requests. (For a while, anyway!).
3.  Cameo - Alison and many others from the show are now on Cameo. You can now have your favorite Little House cast member record a personal video greeting - Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, you name it!   Check it out: Cameo Website   Or... cut to the chase: Alison Cameo
4.  Coach the World - Alison is also on Coach The World, where you can book a 15 minute interactive chat with your favorite celebrity. " CoachTheWorld is your global marketplace for stars, CEO's, experts, actors, coaches and influencers." Here's their website: Coach The World
5.  Radio Show / Podcast -  The Alison Arngrim Show is on every Tuesday night at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. The best way to catch the show live is, well, not to go to Alison's page on FaceBook. For some reason, your best bet now is to go to the UBN Radio page on FaceBook: UBN FaceBook. Her guest last week was Adrienne Barbeau (Maude, Swamp Thing, etc.) That was a good one! Her guest tonight was Martha Bolton, who was Bob Hope's first female staff writer and, along with Linda Hope, wrote the biography, "Dear Bob... Bob Hope's Wartime Correspondence with the G. I.s of WW2 (2021)". This was great!! Fascinating person! Here's her website: Martha Bolton
6.  Who's Going To Do The Cooking? - Looks like this is an ongoing thing at this point. Alison will be appearing on her FaceBook page, and cooking something, with instructions, every Monday morning at 11:00 am. The idea is to go simple and basic, for people who don't cook, or haven't cooked, or think they can't cook. So far she has made scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese, biscuits, and the ever famous cinnamon chicken. You can find all of these on her YouTube Channel: Who's Going To Do The Cooking?

OK, schedule. Oh, did I mention that things were starting to open up again, and there is now a reason to even have a schedule? Just sayin . . . 
First up, on Tuesday, April 13th, Alison will be a guest on "The Selling Shit Show!", hosted by Nora Burns with David Ilku, at 8:00 pm Eastern time, 5:00 pm Pacific. This is a virtual show, and tickets are only $10.00 per household. Here's the link for tickets: Selling Show Tickets  We first met Nora when she was with The Nellie Olesons comedy troupe, back in the day, and have been following her antics ever since. On the website this is described as, "Shopping! Stories! Comedy!", and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity.
I mentioned more Gracie Allen, didn't I? Well Alison is involved in another Greg Oppenheimer production of Burns & Allen's Income Taxes episode. This will feature Alison as Gracie Allen, Brad Zinn  (Brad Zinn) as George Burns and will include appearances by Phil Proctor, Melinda Peterson, and Ivan Curry, among others. I've seen this one done at a recent SPERDVAC Convention, and it's hilarious! It will be, very appropriately, on April 15th.  It will be premiering on Gregg Oppenheimer's YouTube Channel. Here's the link: Oppenheimer YouTube
This just in, just confirmed yesterday, Alison will be attending this year's Cherry Blossom Festival in Mansfield, Missouri, on April 22 - 25th. Here's the website for the event: Cherry Blossom Website    She will be joined at this event by Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) and Wendi Lou Lee (Baby Grace Ingalls). The festival is open to the public, and most events that do not include food or a performance are free. This will be Alison's fifth visit to the Cherry Blossom Festival, since last year's event was cancelled. Not sure who the other guests will be, or which activities they will be holding, but there is a rumour that there will be a "Nellie Oleson Pancake Breakfast" on one of the days. But wait, they're adding guests right and left! They've just added Geri Reischl (The Brady Bunch) and Trina Parks (James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever). (She's Thumper, the one who beats up James Bond!!) Check out their FaceBook page for additional guests: Cherry Blossom FaceBook  I can't go to this one, but Sock Monkey will be there. ("Nyah Nyah!", said Sock Monkey!)

Then we come to "Happy Mother's Day! Love, Nellie" which will be the tenth production in the Basement Comedy Club at our house, on Saturday, May 8th, at 8:00 pm Eastern and 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Remember before this all happened? Alison used to go to the Laurie Beechman in New York every year for her Mother's Day show. Well, she's at it again! (Except this time we do not expect a fist fight to break out in the aisle like that one time at the Beechman.)  The usual crew will be in place. (Unless Sock Monkey has fired them by then!) It will be live, pay per view, and you will not be able to find it on you tube when it's over, they will not be offered after the broadcast. Tickets are only $10 per show. Here's the link for tickets: Stage It Mothers Day  Now, it will be even easier to take your mother this year. Just invite her over, go on the website and get some menu ideas from the West Bank Cafe, and pretend you're in New York!

Hollywood Squares??!  Remember Hollywood Squares? They're working on an on-line recreation of Hollywood Squares to benefit the Hollywood Museum. They've managed to gather up three of the original hosts, Peter Marshall, Tom Bergeron, and John Davidson - and many of the original celebrities!  Who's in the Center Square?! You'll have to stay tuned to find out!
 Some of the returning celebrities include Alison, Bruce Vilanch, Teresa Ganzel, and Judy Tenuta. This could be good, gang. And it benefits the Hollywood Museum, one of my favorite places. As you can imagine, things have been difficult for the museum as they have for everyone - no streams of visiting tourists, no flashy red carpet events - but they've hung in there all year and keep finding ways to entertain people.  So here's your chance to step up and help out. As soon as we have dates we'll let you know.  Or you could check with the Museum's website: Hollywood Museum
Rumour Control
1.    More LHOTP Cast Reunions online? And for charity?? Could be . . .   .
2.    Carrie Ingalls Birthday Celebration in Keystone in July?? Could it be??
3.    Hey, Toronto, New Jersey, had any Nellie lately? Want some? Rumour has it . . .
4.     Et alors, nos amis en France, voulez-vous plus de Nellie?? Peut etre??

Hush, Hush, Nellie Oleson - Here is a blast from the past. Alison got to work on a horror film directed by Kelly Hughes. As part of his project, Kelly produced a documentary entitled "Hush, Hush, Nellie Oleson". It's all about the making of the horror film. Alison shows up about 6 minutes in. Here's the link: Hush Hush Nellie Oleson
Munsters on the Prairie - OK, I'm pretty sure this is just a trailer, but what a thought, in any case! Enjoy: Prairie Munsters
The Origins of Sock Monkey - Continuing our nostalgia trip, here is the fourth chapter of the Saga of Sock Monkey from September 2011:
The Saga of Sock Monkey     
Chapter Four: So Grier stopped and looked down at his feet. The wind and snow were blowing, so it was very hard to see anything. He stooped down to get a better look. And that wee small voice piped up again and said “Ain’t you cold?” Grier looked closer, and there was a little fella standing next to him in the snow. He couldn’t have been more than a foot tall, and he was all bundled up to try to keep warm. So Grier said, “Let’s go inside where it’s warm, and I’ll buy you a cup of hot chocolate.”  And the voice said, “Yeah, with a shot of something stronger in it, if you don’t mind!” So off they went to cross the street. After they got inside and jumped up on the bar stools, Grier looked at his new friend and said, “So, what’s your name?” And the little voice said, “I am Sock Monkey!”
To be continued. . . .
Maintaining our lives in the age of COVID-19 - OK, things are changing. First the purple tier, then the red tier, then the orange tier, soon the yellow tier, the list goes on. (What's next, terra cotta?) The only thing I have to say is, let's be careful. Look at the other countries. France was doing well, then they opened up, then they locked down, then they opened up, now they're locked down again. (I'm getting dizzy!) Keep wearing your mask, social distancing, and washing hands. (On that washing hands thing, I really don't miss the colds and flu I used to get every year!) If we can stay the course and maintain precautions, this will soon be behind us, regardless of vaccines, politics, or complaints about our freedoms. Then we can all relax.
On the vaccine front, I had mine a couple of weeks ago, and Alison got hers a few days ago. And we've entered a study at UCLA to monitor the antibody levels in our blood over time. This will help to determine how long the effects of the vaccine will last.
About the vaccine. I would highly recommend that you take it. It's not made from the virus, so you won't get infected from it. There was a rumor that one of the vaccines could cause blood clots. This was proven to be untrue. (Besides, we aren't using that vaccine in this country.) And the vaccines were not just whipped up over night. They have been working on a corona virus vaccine ever since the SARS epidemic in 2009. (COVID-19 is called 'SARS-2' in the medical journals) And the recent trials were done with 30 to 40 thousand people of all ages and backgrounds in each study. So they are well researched.
Back to Dr. Anthony Fauci: "I don't know how to explain to you that you should care for other people." But we must. Be kind, be considerate, and take precautions.
Messages from the cast: Our message this month is from Pam Roylance:
Cheryl Strayed, who wrote the book Wild:  From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, said:  "It is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have."  We keep hearing about the "new normal," whatever THAT is.  But maybe it doesn't matter.  Maybe what matters is to accept that there is "nothing so constant as change," so a wise choice would be to step into the "new," and "go on as you never have." 

Thank you, Pam!
Prairie Tidbits
Pamela Roylance (Sarah Carter) - Pam has another film in pre-production. It's entitled "Rescued Innocence", and she plays Cynthia Olsen. Here it is on IMDB: Rescued Innocence  Here's a summary from the website: "This landmark film delves into the realistic dark side of human sex trafficking on a global scale. Conflicts and resolutions are key for the various agencies to work together in bringing back those who are forced against their will, to a hope that love conquers all, in a very real true life intertwined story." Way to go, Pam!!
Wendi Lou Lee (Baby Grace) - Wendi is looking forward to the Cherry Blossom festival, and is staying busy filling orders from her shop on Etsy: Wendi Shop  Other than that, she is working on her next book and enjoying the beautiful beach weather on the Central Coast. Keep up the good work, Wendi!!
Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) - Charlotte is also looking forward to the Cherry Blossom festival, and is keeping busy with the Beadle Bags. (If you want one, e-mail her at So, Charlotte, Wendi, AND Alison at the Cherry Blossom Festival. (Hmm . . What could go wrong?)
Rachel Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) - Rachel had an article in Outsider last month. Here's the link: Outsider Article You go, girl!
Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls) - Karen is still doing daily readings of children's books on her you tube channel "Story Time With Karen". Here's the link: Karen Story Time  And her book, "Bright Lights, Prairie Dust: A Memoir", is available for pre-order on Amazon, here:Karen Amazon  Nice going, Karen!!
The Saga of Sock Monkey    (Chapter Ninety-Five)
Sock Monkey awoke with a start. He looked around. He could not believe his eyes. He had managed to fall asleep sitting in a little sidewalk cafe, on the Champs-Élysées, in his beloved Paris! He ordered another espresso and tried to gather his thoughts. How did he get here? And where was Alison? He tried to remember, but he could not. And he was very . . sleepy. "Wake up, Monkey!", said Alison. "We're getting ready to land. I'm going to the restroom, and you be ready when I get back." Sock Monkey was a little dazed. He looked around as the stewardess took his glass.  He remembered the cafe, but nothing else. How did he get here? And he was so very, very sleepy. "Monkey, you better come in out of the sun", said Alison, "Hawaii isn't like California, you'll burn really fast here." Sock Monkey looked out over the sand at Waikiki. He liked this. He was going to do his best to stay awake this time. If this was a dream, he wanted this part of it to last a lot longer. He carefully climbed down out of the beach chair. But wait, he was slipping! He tried to grab the arm rest, but he missed. And he was falling . . . falling . . . falling . . . 
(To be continued . . . )

Catahoula News 
Catahoula is still on hiatus from performing. Check out our soon to be updated website:  And we may be showing up somewhere deep in the bowels of the internet! As things are starting to open up, we will be booking and posting on our website. And if you really need a shot of Catahoula, you can always get copies of our CDs at Alison's Mercantile, or at I-tunes: Catahoula I-Tunes  Or Spotify: Catahoula Spotify  As always, "Laissez les bon temps rouler!!", with or without Catahoula! We will be back with you just as soon as we possibly can! Stay safe! (Wash your hands, wear your mask!)
There you have it. The Fourth Nellie Newsletter for 2021. Stay safe, mask up, wash up, get your shot, and be good to each other.

As usual (Comme d’habitude), be good bonnet heads, and I’ll talk to you next month.

-   Bob

copyright 2020 Alison Arngrim