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Welcome to the New Year! Well, technically also new decade. Things are off to a great start, rumours are flying, Prairie winds are blowing, and Sock Monkey is just getting out of hand! ("What?!?", exclaimed Monkey.  "Hush!", said I.)
So, what's been going on?

Well, let's talk about that Prairie & Pioneer Hoedown thing in Burbank. What a great event! There were Pioneer people, and Prairie people, and other people, and Catahoulans, to boot! We had a great time. To begin with, we got to see the two hour pilot episode on the big screen. And I had never seen this one before! What a trip! To top it all off, Sheena Metal as host, and the full Prairie panel, were on stage doing commentary throughout! Remember "Mystery Science Theatre 3000"? It was just like that. We even have some photos of the evening with the cast in silhouette in front of the screen. Hilarious! There were also serious interviews with each performer regarding their Pioneer and Prairie credentials and their careers in general. A very interesting evening. And the food was fantastic! And on the last night, to wrap things up, Olan played piano while we sang Christmas Carols for a while, and then Catahoula took the stage. And what a stage it was! We had never played an indoor event on a stage that big. All in all, everyone who came had a great time. Hats off to Olan de la Paz and his amazing production staff. Great job, guys!!
Then we were off to Tennessee for the Holidays. And we had a great time as usual, shopping, dining, celebrating graduations, tasting wine, and generally letting our hair down, so to speak. Funny, each day we checked and the temperature was exactly the same as it was in Los Angeles.
New Years Eve? Well, we decided to take a break from the incessant partying (??) and spend a quiet evening at home, watching the ball drop and dishing the various performers. And of course, the New Year's bottle of champagne.
Okay, so, don't look now, but Alison is having a birthday this month. (You're right, she's going to be 29 again!) She does not like presents, and for heaven's sake DO NOT get her flowers! But, if you felt like doing something, and of course you do not have to do anything at all, what she would really like would be a donation in her name to Protect. I know we haven't talked about this in a long time, but they are still around and doing wonderful things, and Alison is still on the board and working with them. If you're curious, check them out here:

Schedule time??
Next thing up, Alison is off to France! (And an additional show has been added to the schedule!) Une autre tournée en France avec Singe de Chaussette! Et maintenant les détails:
A tres bientot pour de nouvelle aventures!  “La malle aux tresors de Nellie Oleson” revient en janvier-fevrier 2020 pour cinq representations exceptionnelles. Pour ne rien manquer:

Samedi 25 janvier 2020, 20h30 Complet Date Supplementaire - Dimanche 26 janvier 2020, 14h:
Renseignements / Réservations : 06 61 18 35 70 (Photos gratuites avec Alison, après le spectacle)

Samedi 1er février 2020, 20h30 : LA CHAPELLE LAUNAY (Loire-Atlantique)
Renseignements / Réservations : 06 10 47 93 89 (Photos gratuites avec Alison, après le spectacle)

Samedi 8 février 2020, 20h : BUTTES / VAL-DE-TRAVERS (Suisse)
Renseignements / Réservations : +41 (0)79 303 86 81 (Photos gratuites avec Alison, après le spectacle)

Samedi 15 février 2020, après-midi :AVIGNON (Vaucluse)
Renseignements / Réservations :
Avignon Geek Expo - Présentation
Avignon Geek Expo - Billetterie
(La représentation d'Avignon se fait dans le cadre d'un salon. L'entrée au salon est payante. Le spectacle est gratuit. Les photos sont payantes - comme dans tous les salons / festivals -, mais réalisées par un professionnel. Voir leur site:  Alison-Arngrim

After that, Alison is home for a few days before she leaves for the Fayetteville Arkansas Comic Show. This is billed as: "Pop Culture Celebrities, Comic Creators and More! Fun for the entire family!" This will take place February 29th - March 1st, Saturday 10 - 6 & Sunday 10 - 5, at the Town Center, 15 West Mountain, Fayetteville, AK 72701.  Tickets range from $10 for students and kids (6 - 12), all the way up to $125 for the VIP Package with Sleep Away Camp and Movie Pass, and can be purchased on their website: Comic Show Website She will be joined by Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle), who will be meeting up with several of her Twin Peaks' buddies. Check out their FaceBook page: Comic Show FaceBook Page Sounds like fun to me!
Then we have a bit of a break. Like I always say, what's the point of living in California if you never live in California? ("What?", said Monkey.  "Hush", said I.)
Then, in April, Alison returns for another visit to the 15th Annual Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival! This takes place in Marshfield, Missouri, on April 23, 24 & 25th, 2020. She will be accompanied by her frequent Partner In Crime (PIC), Charlotte Stewart! (Miss Beadle). They will be joined this year by Wendi Lou Lee (Baby Grace Ingalls). This will be Alison's fifth visit to the Cherry Blossom Festival, and to hear her tell it, this is an event like no other. Check out their website: Cherry Blossom Festival   They always have an amazingly eclectic roster of guests, with an emphasis on American History. This year so far they have scheduled guests related to Presidents Truman, Hayes, Polk, McKinley, Roosevelt, Coolidge, Cleveland, Clinton, Washington, and Eisenhower. And many, many others. I know Sock Monkey will be having a great time! ("You know I will!, said Sock Monkey)

OK, enough schedule, let's move on . . .
Rumour Control

1. Little House On The Prairie: The Musical . . . in Los Angeles . . .  It could happen!

2.Simi Valley - Wouldn't it be great if the buildings of the town of Walnut Grove could re-appear?         Wouldn't it??

3. Charlotte has a new product. (Shhh . . . .) This one is so secret, she tried to send us a sample in Tennessee, and the Post Office refused to deliver it!! ("No!, said Sock Monkey. "Hush!", said I.)

4.  Nellie on the High Seas . . . kinda like Love Boat, only different . . . ya think?
5. Do you think any of the LHOTP cast can sing? Like, maybe on an album? Hmmm . . .

Radio Show / Podcast
Don't forget Alison's radio show. It's "The Alison Arngrim Show" on UBN Radio. Alison interviews guests and focuses on topics that make us feel good, and people who are doing good things in the world. It's on every Tuesday night at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. The best way to catch the show live is to go to Alison's page on FaceBook. Or go to UBN Radio  for their website. (She's on Channel 1)
Last week's guest was A. Ashley Hoff (Author of Match Game 101: A Backstage History of Match Game).  Her last couple of guests were Dean Butler (You better know this one!) and Mr. & Mrs. Claus (Direct from the North Pole) The line up for this year is still forming, so tune in to see who will be up next. You can find all of her old shows at: Alison Radio Archives It's a great show. I rush home from work every Tuesday night so Sock Monkey and I can watch. Last week was the first time I actually got home in time to see the whole show. (Hmmm . . .  Maybe I should start taking Tuesdays off?)
Calendar - You want to know why Sock Monkey has been so annoying lately? HE HAS HIS OWN CALENDAR!! From Alison's Fan Page:
So who wants an ADVENTURES OF SECRET AGENT SOCK MONKEY CALENDAR???!! See Secret Agent Sock Monkey, International Monkey of Mystery, cavort all over the world, with a beautiful color photo for each month! Paris, Berlin, Hawaii, Bora Bora! He's been everywhere! Makes a lovely gift! (And yes, both Sock Monkey and Alison Arngrim can autograph it!) You can buy one for just $20 HERE: Mercantile Calendars
Signing autographs, making public appearances, sitting for photo sessions, there's just no stopping this monkey!! Next thing you know, he'll want a cut of the profits! And you should see his bar bill!
Carrie Ingalls Birthday - This year would be the 150th birthday of Carrie Ingalls Swanzey. (Baby Carrie all grown up) There is going to be a birthday party and festival on July 25th & 26th, 2020, in Keystone, South Dakota, sponsored by the Keystone Area Historical Society. This is their website: Keystone History  So far, Sydney Greenbush (Baby Carrie) and Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) have been confirmed as VIP guests of the festival. It's still a long way off, and there's not much on the website so far, but I'll keep you posted with whatever details I can discover.

Prairie Tidbits
Well, the year is young, and many people are still working out their schedules. So this month, along with whatever activities are coming up, we're going to take a look at how our LHOTP alumni spent New Year's Eve.
Wendi Lou Lee (Baby Grace) - Wendi says she has nothing to report for her schedule, but maybe that's a good thing. She's been on this whirlwind tour promoting her book, speaking at events, and writing her own newsletter. She could use a break! Check out her website: Wendi Website For New Years, Wendi enjoyed authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by her father-in-law, and watched the ball drop with family. (Sounds familiar!) Happy New Year, Wendi!
Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) - Charlotte and Michael have no shows until February, and I'm sure we'll have a schedule as soon as they have one. For now, Charlotte is busy in her sewing room making Beadle Bags for Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and South Dakota. And working on her new Secret Project, the Beadle B. . . , Beadle B . . . , oh, I give up! It's so secret, I can't even say it! Happy New Year, Charlotte!
Sydney Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) - Sydney spent a quiet evening at home for New Years, and tried out her new cookware. (Am I sensing a theme, here?) And I'm sure she's looking forward to celebrating what would be her character's 150th birthday in July. Happy New Year, Sydney!
Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls) - Karen finished work on an Independent film tentatively titled "Not To Forget" in September, and then floated down the Danube in October. And she will be singing in a production of "A Little Night Music" in the East Bay this summer. You can't keep up with this girl! Happy New Year, Karen!
Pamela Roylance (Sarah Carter) - Pam is now officially keeping secrets. Not nice, Pam! Okay, okay, you have a non-disclosure agreement, I get it. But we still want to know!! Oh, well, I'm sure she'll tell us when she can. Happy New Year, Pam! Hope to see you soon.
Claude Earl Jones (Mr. Gibson / Jack Prescott) - Claude Earl Jones appeared in three episode of LHOTP, 'The Legacy' (Jack Prescott) in 1982, and a two-parter, 'Home Again' (Mr. Gibson) in 1983. Claude was 86, and he passed away in November in Claremont, California. Here's a link to an article in The Hollywood Reporter: Hollywood Reporter Article

The Saga of Sock Monkey    (Chapter Eighty-One)
Sock Monkey sat back and sipped his coffee. It had been a good couple of days. Of course, there was that darn Unicorn at the beginning! Alison had finally convinced him that it was not real, only inflatable. The parade turned out to be fun. Alison had been mobbed with adoring fans, and there was even one photographer who ran alongside the float and took her picture again and again. But he was nice. Then they had retired to a bar for drinks. Boy, these people can drink! The next day they had taken a ride on a catamaran. (Once Alison pointed out that it had nothing to do with actual cats, he was good with it.) He even got to drive the boat for a while! And they were taking his picture this time! (He would have to make a note to put that one in his new calendar!)  Now they were at brunch with their amazing host, looking out over Waikiki. Sock Monkey was relaxing, enjoying  the beach, the bikinis, the palm trees, the drinks, and the bikinis...when Alison interrupted his reverie....."Enjoy the sun while you can, Sock Monkey, It's going to be a bit colder where we're going next." laughed Alison. Next?? What on earth now? thought Sock Monkey, who had at that point been seriously thinking about moving to Hawaii.  "Oh I just got the invitation....we're going to Berlin."
(To be continued . . . ) 

Catahoula News 

Catahoula is back at Viva Rancho Cantina for 2020. Our first date is Friday, January 17th, which will also be a birthday party for one of our fans. Then there will be our big Mardi Gras Bash on Saturday, February 22nd. Check out our updated website: ( ) Can't wait to see you! Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

There you have it. The first Nellie Newsletter for 2020. The year holds a lot of promises . . .

As usual (Comme d’habitude), be good bonnet heads, and I’ll talk to you next month.      

-       Bob

copyright 2018 Alison Arngrim