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So, I’m sitting around the other day, and I heard what sounded like thunder. You know, summer thundershowers and all. I checked the weather report, and sure enough, there was one on the way. Thinking back to growing up with thunderstorms, I remember the darkness, the thunder and lightning, the rain, the wind, and on and on. Hot cocoa in the evening while you wait for the rain to subside, etc. Good times!
California thunderstorm: Thunder, lightning, rain lasting five minutes, and done. Five minutes later the rain has evaporated and there is no trace of the storm. But, hey, it was rain!
What’s been going on the last month? It’s been a busy one, that’s for sure. Alison went to the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville. And she had a great time!! Here’s a link to the Panel Discussion with Alison, Melissa Gilbert, and Karen Grassle. (And one very enthusiastic moderator!):  Fanboy Panel Discussion  The event was great, the fans were great, and Alison got to spend a few days with my family when it was over. Good times!
Then on August 14th we went to the fabulous Ketty Lester show at the Gardenia. Now, this was a show! This was Ketty’s first concert engagement in over 50 years.  She talked, she sang, she looked gorgeous, and it was a great show. Rumour has it that she may do another one. (Just a rumour, now!) Just a reminder, Ketty was Hester Sue Terhune on LHOTP. And then a few days later she celebrated her 88th birthday! What a trouper!!
Later that week we presented the nineteenth production in the Basement Comedy Club at our house, “Nasty Nellie's Cruel Summer”. Now, this was fun! There was new material, wonderful questions for Q & A, and the puppets danced to the long lost, obscure track from the Casper album, “Spook Stew”. (Obvious tie-in to the cooking show, of course!) Not sure when the next one would be, but I’m thinking Basement Production No. 20 should be sometime in October. (Speaking of Spook Stew . . . )

Alison rundown. Here’s what she’s doing:
1.            Daily Book Readings – Well, no. The daily readings are currently on hiatus for an indefinite period. Will they be back? Probably. Will they be different? Definitely. Will we enjoy them? Without a doubt. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.
2.            Bonnets, Etc. - Bonnets, tin cups, books, photos, Alison sells them at her online store, 'Not Your Mothers Mercantile'. Everything autographed. Here's the link to the store: Mercantile   Be sure to specify how you want them signed.
3.            Cameo - You can now have your favorite cast member record a personal video greeting - Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, you name it! Check it out: Cameo Website   Or... cut to the chase: Alison Cameo
4.            Memmo – Just like Cameo, except it’s based in Europe. So, if you want a message from Alison, especially if you are located in Europe, try this on for size: Alison Memmo  (She can also do them en francaise!!)
5.            Coach the World - Alison is also on ‘Coach The World,’ where you can book a 15-minute interactive chat with your favorite celebrity. Here's their website: Coach The World
6.            Radio Show / Podcast - "The Alison Arngrim Show" is on every Tuesday at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. The best way to catch the show live is to go to the UBN Radio page on FaceBook: UBN FaceBook. This week’s guest will be the cast of “The Secret Life of Archy and Mehitabel.” (More on that below.) And the big news . . we’re back in the studio! This will be Alison’s first show back in the studio since the beginning of the pandemic. And it’s going to be good!
7.            Who's Going To Do The Cooking? -  Alison will be appearing on her FaceBook page, cooking something with instructions, often on Monday mornings at 11:30 am. (And basically, whenever she can find the time!) She has made many incredible dishes. Her last one was Tarragon & Wine Baked Chicken Legs! You can find all of these on her YouTube Channel: Who's Going To Do The Cooking?
Keep in mind, now that she is getting back out on the road, Alison may not be in town to sign the things you order from the Store. She signs them all personally, so she must be here to do it. Watch her schedule and place your order when you know she will be in town. Otherwise, there may be a delay in getting your order filled.

Schedule? How about a little schedule?
Ok, let’s start with next week. There is going to be something I’m calling Casper 101. Of course, Alison is calling it Mom 101. This will be a celebration of the life and work of Alison’s mother, Norma Macmillan. Norma was an actor, author, playwright, and prolific voice over artist, especially in cartoons. She was the voice of Casper, Sweet Polly Purebred, Gumby, and Davey of Davey and Goliath. This will be on Thursday, September 15th (Norma’s birthday) on Alison’s Facebook page: Alison FaceBook
The next thing booked is the Fall Pickers Market in Lincoln, Illinois on October 8th & 9th. This will be at the Logan County Fairgrounds and will be Saturday 10 – 5 and Sunday 10 – 4. Alison will be there, along with Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle), Patrick Labyorteaux (Andy Garvey), Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder) and Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls). Admission is $5, and children 12 and under get in for free. “Early Pickers” shopping opens at 8:30 am., and there are only 300 Early Pickers tickets to be had. There will be daily entertainment, and over 100 amazing vendors with antiques, vintage, gourmet foods, boutique clothing and even some good ole junk! There’s also “Breakfast at Nellie’s” on Sunday morning. (Separate tickets required, of course!) Check out their FaceBook page: Logan County FaceBook  (I’m still intrigued by the ‘good ole junk’.) THIS is going to be a party!!
Then, on October 21st & 22nd, Alison will be in Hannibal Missouri to kick off the Wizard of OZ Days celebration to commemorate 100 years of Judy Garland. This is to be held at the Mark Twain Cave Complex, with the Gingham Gala to be held Friday night on the Mark Twain Riverboat. (I’ve never been on a riverboat! What fun!) The Premiere Gingham Gala will feature “live Oz theme music, great presentations, one amazing catered dinner, cash bar, celebrity guests and a LIVE auction of OZsome items.” Oh, and did I mention a River Cruise!?! Tickets for the Gala are $60/ person, and can be purchased at: Gingham Gala Tickets  Admission to the Festival on Saturday is only $3/person. Regarding the festival, from their FaceBook page: “Come join us on the Yellow Brick Road for amazing live shows, a marionette puppet show, awesome vendors, food, costume contests, the Great Wizard of Oz Magic Show, and Dorothy & her fabulous friends! Our biggest festival yet!” Alison will be joined at the celebrity table by Joe Luft, son of Judy Garland. Check out their Facebook page: Wizard FaceBook   Or try their website: Wizard of OZ Days  (Hmmm . .  Maybe I should try to go to this one!?!)

Rumour Control
1.   Hey, Arizona! Had any Nellie lately? Want some??? (Not you, Phoenix!!) 

2.   En France encore? Peut-etre, peut-etre . . . .
3.    Bakersfield? Could we be going to Bakersfield? Could we?? 

4.     Buffalo? (No, not the animal, the city!) Ya think? 

Archy & Mehitabel – Archy and Mehitabel are the names of two fictional characters created in 1916, by Don Marquis, a columnist for The Evening Sun newspaper in New York City. Archy, a cockroach, and Mehitabel, an alley cat, appeared in hundreds of humorous verses and short stories in Marquis’ daily column, "The Sun Dial". Well, it seems that a good friend of ours, Moosie Drier, is directing another good friend of ours, Carolyn Hennesy, in the world premiere of “The Secret World of Archy & Mehitabel! This will be at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, and it opens on September 10th. Check out this article in Broadway World: Broadway World Article  Here’s a link to the NoHo Arts District:  Archy & Mehitabel  And of course, you can hear all about it on Alison’s Radio Show tomorrow night. You can bet we’ll be there!!
Little Bears On The Prairie – The Bears have shipped! You can see them all over Facebook as different people post their new treasures. There is the Ingalls Family ( Ingalls Bears ), or the Oleson’s Family ( Olesons Bears ), as bears. Or as Alison says, “Rowwrrr, I’m a Bear!” And if you want to get a 10% discount, use the promotional code “NELLIE”. See, even a break on the price! (“Rowwrrr!”, said Sock Monkey.)
50th Anniversary Celebration – 2024 marks the 50-year anniversary of LHOTP! Plans are cooking. Simi Valley is having an event in March of 2024. Remember that great backdrop we had with us at the Hollywood Show? Well, there will be that and so much more. (Like, maybe, visits to Big Sky Ranch!) And I know Walnut Grove is planning something, but they usually do theirs in June or July. Haven’t heard anything in detail about their event thus far. (Remember, this is still 2022. Be patient!) Haven’t heard about any others so far, but I’m sure they’re out there. And I will let you know just as soon as I know anything at all.
Paper Prairie – It seems that there is a website (blog?) where you can get free printable LHOTP models and coloring pages. Here is the blog: Paper Prairie and their FaceBook page: Paper Prairie FaceBook  And, coming soon, a Little House on the Prairie Play Set!! Not sure what that will be like. They also have greeting cards and a Western Miner’s House printable model. What will they think of next?
The Last Farewell – This is a link to a 1984 NBC Promo for “The Last Farewell”. Here’s the link:  Last Farewell Promo
The Mark White Show - Mark White interviews Alison about her appearances at the Fall Pickers Market and Wizard of Oz Days. And, of course, they talk about other things. Here’s the link :The Mark White Show
Truly Horrible Things – This is a company that produces the card game, “Theatre is Tragic”, subtitled “You’re Not A Drama Queen, You’re A Drama Hero”. Alison recently did an Unboxing Video on Facebook to promote the game. (  Alison UnBoxing  ) Sample questions: “Why is the Director crying?”; “What’s an Actor’s worst nightmare?”. This looks like a game I really want to play! And they have other games: "Conventions Are Vile", "Band is Horrible", "Crimes Against Handbells", "Orchestras Are Awful”, Etc. Here’s their website to explore: Truly Horrible Things  (And if you want to order things, use the coupon code “Nellie” for 10% off!)

Maintaining our lives in the age of COVID-19 – So it’s now September. Remember, we were supposed to have new boosters to specifically target the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants of COVID-19? Well, they’re almost here. Just heard that the CDC has approved at least two of them. We’re planning on getting ours as soon as they’re available.
In the meantime, I’ve been encouraged lately to see how many people are still wearing their masks. Mine is here to stay, I think. Love that not being sick thing!
And for our Fauci moment: "I don't know how to explain to you that you should care for other people." But we must.

Prairie Tidbits
Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) – Charlotte will be headlining the event this year at the 47th Annual Wilder Days in Mansfield Missouri on September 23rd & 24th. Here’s the link to their FaceBook page: Wilder FaceBook  And here’s a link to an article in the Ozark Radio News:  Ozark Radio News You go, Charlotte!
Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls) – Here’s an interview that Karen did when she was in Ontario doing “On Golden Pond”. This is on TDC: The Today Show Halton out of Ontario. (TDC stands for The Disability Channel) Here’s the link: TDC Today   Good job, Karen!!
Alban Branton (Daniel Page) – Alban Branton played Daniel Page in one episode of LHOTP, Silent Promises in 1980. Alban was a graduate of Gallaudet University and was a history teacher for 18 years at California School for the Deaf. He passed away in 2016.
Anne Archer (Kate Thorvald) – Anne Archer played Kate Thorvald in one episode of LHOTP, Doctor’s Lady, in 1975. She went on to be nominated for several awards for playing Michael Douglas’ wife in Fatal Attraction. She is still working constantly and has a TV Movie and two series out in 2022, with another in pre-production. You go, Anne!!!
Sorrell Booke (Mr. Watson) – Sorrell Booke played Mr. Watson in one episode of LHOTP “I Remember, I Remember!”, in 1978. Sorrell was best known for his portrayal of Boss Hogg on Dukes of Hazard, He passed away in 1994. (Trivia: Alison and Sorrell were both celebrity guests at the Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio the same year!)

The Saga of Sock Monkey (Chapter One Hundred & Twelve)
Sock Monkey had little time to think about clothes this day. They were starting production of Alison’s next show in the basement! He was beside himself!! He had so many To Do Lists, he needed a master list just to manage them all! And those cats! He was going to have to keep a close eye on them! He suspected they were plotting something with the camera man. (He never did trust that guy! Something shifty about him!) So, let’s see, the backdrop had been ordered, the lighting had been checked and was working fine, and the camera was in good shape. Props!! Where were the props?? He had sent his two lighting assistants after them, and they were probably off somewhere playing with them. (Cats, you know!) Just last week they were arguing about which one of them gets to be the Key Grip, don’tcha know! (Sock Monkey thought of them both as a key pain in the monkey behind!) Puppets! Now, where were those darned puppets, anyway?
(To be continued . . . )

Catahoula News 
Catahoula is still on hiatus from performing. But then there was this contest . . . Yeah, that’s the one. Well, we made a good showing. Through several rounds of the initial contest, we were holding at number one, through the narrowing to the final five. But then it came down to the final one, and we placed second! (Ouch!) But it was not over! There was a Wild Card contest for those who came in second in their groups. And on that one we came in . . . . second! (Double ouch!) So, we’re out. We will not be the opening act at the Hollywood Bowl.
But we are now available to book gigs. And we’re looking. We may come out of hibernation soon.
Check out our website:  As things are starting to open up, we will be booking and posting on our website. And if you really need a shot of Catahoula, you can always get copies of our CDs at Alison's Mercantile, or at I-tunes: Catahoula I-Tunes  Or Spotify: Catahoula Spotify  As always, "Laissez les bon temps rouler!!", with or without Catahoula! We will be back with you just as soon as we possibly can! Stay safe! (Wash your hands, wear your mask!)
There you have it. The ninth Nellie Newsletter for 2022. Stay safe, mask up, wash up, get your booster shots, and be good to each other.

As usual (Comme d’habitude), be good bonnet heads, and I’ll talk to you next month.

-       Bob

copyright 2021 Alison Arngrim