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Well, Happy Labor Day to all of you who have the day off. (And Happy Excessive Labor Day to all of you who have to work!)
We are all melting here in Southern California. (No, not from having water thrown on us! That only works on witches, and only in the movies!) It's at least 100° here today, and yesterday, and the rest of this week. (I hear September is the hottest month in Los Angeles!)
So, what has happened since last we spoke? Well, Alison went to Ohio with Rachel (Carrie Ingalls), and they hung out at the Roy Rogers Festival. According to the stories I've heard, they had a great time. Here's an interview with Alison at the event: Alison Roy Roger Interview  And here's an article from the Portsmouth Daily News with a picture of Rachel signing an autograph: Portsmouth Daily News  And a good time was had by all!
All in all, it's been a pretty hectic month. Someone had a birthday (never mind who!), the band played last night, and it has been basically too hot to move all month. There was one stand out evening, though. We went to see the California premier of a friend's film. A small independent film entitled "Twice the Dream". I was impressed. Check out the trailer here: Twice The Dream Trailer
So, schedule time?

First off, Alison is returning to Mansfield Missouri for their annual Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, September 20 & 21, at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum, 3060 Highway A, Mansfield, MO 65704. (877-924-7126) Check it out here: Wilder Days  Alison will be the Special Guest for the annual "Wilder Dinner", Friday, September 20th. Here's a link to their faceBook page: Wilder FaceBook
This is a fund raising event to support the activities of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum. Tickets are $85 for the dinner or $125 for the dinner and VIP Reception, and went on sale to the general public on June 25th. You can get your tickets for the dinner here: Wilder Dinner Tickets
Tickets for Wilder Day on Saturday are $14 for adults (18 & older), and $7 for children ages 6 - 17. Children 5 and under get in free.

Next, on September 28th, Alison will be a special guest at Legends Fest - A Tribute to the Icons Comedy/Horror/Music, at the Holiday Inn Clark - Newark Area, 36 Valley Road, Clark, NJ 07066. Check out the website: Legends Fest  This is a one day event, with two ticket options: You can either purchase a ticket just for the daytime event, from 9:30 AM-4:30 PM which includes the Meet and Greet, autograph show, and the Vendors ($20), or when you buy a ticket for the nighttime Tribute Show and Party ($65) that will include the daytime admission as well. News Flash: Due to added sponsorship for the event, the evening ticket price has just been lowered to $55! The evening event is from 7:00 to 11:30 pm, and is basically a party with food, drink, and entertainment. As they say on the website, tickets are limited, so reserve early!
Then in October, Alison will make her first appearance at The Big Chuck & Lil' John Ghoulardi Fest in northeast Ohio. (Lot of Ohio this year, don't you think?) This will take place on October 11, 12 & 13 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds and Event Center, 19201 East Bagley Rd, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130. Ticket information can be found on the website at Ghoulardi Fest  Advance tickets are $13 for one day and $25 for all three days if you get them before October 1st, and are available by mail. After that prices are $15 for one day and $30 for all three. Now, you can bet I'm going to this one! Oh, what is a "Ghoulardi", you ask? Well, if you grew up in northeast Ohio when I did (don't ask!!), then you would know. Every city has their own late night horror movie host, and for that time in Ohio, it was Ghoulardi. Turns out that Ghoulardi was played by Ernie Anderson, long time comedy partner of Tim Conway, and the official announcer for The Carol Burnett Show and the ABC Television Network for many years. This year, Alison will be the featured guest, along with Victoria Price, daughter of Vincent Price. Sock Monkey and I will both be there! Look out, northeast Ohio, there's a Nellie storm a-comin'!
And then, in November, Alison takes her first trip to Alabama. She will be a special guest at Con-Fuzion, A Multi-Genre Pop Culture & Comic Con in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This will take place on November 2nd & 3rd, 2019, at Muscle Shoals Recreation Center, 1000 Gattman Park Drive, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661.  Check out their website: ConFuzion  From the website: Attendees age 18 and up will be charged the adult admission rate of $15 for Single Day Pass, and $25 for Weekend Pass. Children must be accompanied by adults during the convention. Children's ticket prices are $10 for single day pass, and $15 for weekend passes for ages 11-17. Children age 10 and under are free with adult admission. To hear Alison's invitation to the event, go to: ConFuzion Invitation

Next up we have the SPERDVAC Old-Time Radio Convention, November 7, 8, 9 & 10, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 3131 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.  OK, so what's a SPERDVAC, you ask? It stands for The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy. If you like old time radio drama, (think Johnny Dollar, The Bickersons, Fibber McGee and Molly, George Burns and Gracie Allen, etc.) you will love this. A collection of entertainment professionals, some from radio, some from television and movies, all with voice over experience, get together and do a live re-enactment of the radio plays from back in the day, complete with Foley Artist (sound effects) and live music. And all of this is video- taped and audio recorded. And they actually have used some of the original microphones from the early NBC broadcasts in the 1940s! So, here's the website: SPERDVAC  Tickets range from $200 for the full convention package, including the Thursday evening meet and greet, to $45 for Sunday morning program and breakfast only. You can bet Sock Monkey and I will be along for this one! Wouldn't miss it!
After that, we get to relax into Thanksgiving. Enough with the schedule, already!

Rumour Control
1. Little House Christmas event in Los Angeles . . .  Stay tuned for more! 
2. Nellie Tour?? October, maybe??
3. Hawaii in October . . . Could be good! 
4. Little House On The Prairie: The Musical . . . in Los Angeles . . .  It could happen!

Radio Show
As I'm sure you remember, Alison has a weekly radio show. It's "The Alison Arngrim Show" on UBN Radio. Alison interviews guests and focuses on topics that make us feel good, and people who are doing good things in the world. It's on every Tuesday night at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. The best way to catch the show live is to go to Alison's page on FaceBook. Or go to UBN Radio  for their website. (She's on Channel 1) This week's guest was Ilene Graff, who was on Mr. Belvedere. (Ilene is a good friend. We often go to her shows when she is in town. Check out her website: Ilene Graff ) Alison's last few guests were Wendy Lou Lee (Baby Grace on LHOTP), Darby Hinton (the Daniel Boone TV series), and Kevin Spirtas (Days of our Lives). Her next guest (on Tuesday, 9/3) will be George Chakiris (West Side Story). Future guests will include: Jason Stuart (Actor and comic who has a new book) and Dee Wallace (from ET). You can find all of her old shows at: Alison Show Archives  It's a great show. I rush home from work every Tuesday night so Sock Monkey and I can watch. (Yeah, you were late last week! Shut up, Monkey!)

French Montage - For all of our French Fans, I found this montage of various clips and photos of the Little House Cast: French Montage  C'est bien, n'est ce pas?
Refinery Article - There is this website called Refinery 29. Well, you might even call if a blog. Anyway, here's an article they did on Little House Fans: LHOTP Fan Article
Hush, Hush, Nellie Oleson - Remember that documentary that Kelly Hughes did on making a horror film with Alison? Well, it got reviewed, and here it is: Hush Hush Nellie Oleson Review
Howse to House TV - There is a TV program called Howse to House, and these folks were given access to the Laura Ingalls Wilder home in Mansfield, Missouri, and they did a two-part episode touring the house and museum. Here is a link to Part One: Howse to House Part 1

Prairie Tidbits
Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) - Charlotte and Michael are on the road again touring with Star Struck Meteoritics ( They have declared 2019 to be "The Year of the Lunar Meteorite", and will be traveling to gem and mineral shows all over California. Here's a sample of their schedule:
September 21 & 22 - Carmel Valley Gem & Mineral Society, Monterey County fairgrounds, 2004 Fairground Road
October 19 & 20 - El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society, ElDoCo Fairgrounds, 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville
October 26 & 27 - Cambria - San Luis Obispo Gem & Mineral Club, Cambia Veteran's Memorial Hall, 1000 Main Street, Cambria, CA
November 2 & 3 - Concord, Contra Costa Gem & Mineral Society, Centre Concord, 5298 Clayton Road, Concord, CA
Charlotte will also be appearing at the South City Comic Con in San Mateo on September 15. This is a one-day Comic Book, Toy and Fantasy Festival at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. Admission in $10 day of event, $7 in advance, children free, and parking is $15.  Their website is all messed up, but here it is anyway: South City Comic Con  You go, Charlotte!!

Pamela Roylance (Sarah Carter) - Pam is currently recovering from filming a TV movie, which is currently tilted "DNA Killer". It is listed in IMDB with a tentative release date of March, 2020. Here's a link to IMDB: DNA Killer  Pam also reported recently seeing a screening of another film she worked on called "The Creatress". I have no info regarding possible release dates, but here's a link to IMDB: The Creatress  Way to go, Pam,!!
Wendi Lou Lee (Baby Grace Ingalls) - Wendi will be on the road this year, promoting her new book, A Prairie Devotional. Check out her website: Wendi Website  Also, here's a link to Wendi's appearance on The Alison Arngrim Show on UBN Radio: Wendi Alison Show  Whirlwind tour, here she comes!!
Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) - Melissa Gilbert, along with her husband Timothy Busfield, will be appearing at Chiller Theatre October 25 - 27. This will be Melissa's first signing event ever! (According to the website.) Truthfully, I can't remember her being at any signing event since the first reunion in Sonora many, many moons ago. Here's a link to Chiller: Chiller Theatre  Good deal, Melissa!

Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder) - Dean is definitely staying busy. He has that new CD of four Little House songs called "Remembering Pa", available on line at EBay at his "Call Me Manly" store ( Call Me Manly ) He is also still working on a documentary tribute to Kent McCray (producer of Little House) that will be released as part of the High Chaparral S4 DVD collection in the fall. While he was at the Cherry Blossom festival he managed to do an interview with a reporter from Dandridge House Dolls, makers of dolls of all the Little House characters. Here's a link to that interview: Dean Butler Interview Dean, way to go! I can't keep up with you!
Bonnie Bartlett (Grace Snider Edwards) - Here's an interview with Bonnie on the Edge Media Network in which she looks back on her time on Little House: Bonnie Bartlett Interview  In the interview she is asked if she keeps up with the other cast members from Little House and she answers, "Not anymore." Bonnie, we're here for you! Reach out and get back in the fold. We'll invite you to everything!!

The Saga of Sock Monkey    (Chapter Seventy-Seven)
Sock Monkey rolled over in bed. The light was streaming in through the blinds, and it was a wonderful California morning.  The evil cat was lurking somewhere, he was sure, plotting his demise no doubt. But that could wait. For now, he stretched and snuggled deeper into his pillow. Coffee would be next. The flight back from Connecticut had been smooth and uneventful. He was thinking back over the weeks they spent in Sharon, and remembered that fateful opening weekend. After the power failure they had finished the show, and he had consumed more than a few drinks to calm his little monkey nerves. In the morning, they hesitantly fired up the computer to check out the reviews. What on earth would people say??  "Genius!", one critic raved. "Victory from the jaws of defeat!", sang another. The critics were all very impressed that the power failure stopped everything, but then the show simply went on (as it must, you know!), both Carter and Alison behaving as though this sort of thing went on every day. Everyone loved it! And they loved Alison and Carter to death! (Who wouldn't?). As Sock Monkey crawled out of bed he thought to himself, "I wonder what our next adventure will be?".  I wonder . .  
(To be continued . . .)

Catahoula News
Catahoula just had another night at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Viva Rancho Cantina. We ushered in the Holiday weekend with a bang! And we'll be back next month!  Check out our updated website: ( ) That's Viva Rancho Cantina, 900 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank, CA 91506. Call 818-845-2425 for reservations. Our next show is Saturday, September 21st. Can't wait to see you! Laissez les bon temps rouler!! Reservations, people, make reservations!! You need a seat!
There you have it. The seventh Nellie Newsletter for 2019. And the Year of the Prairie continues . .
As usual (Comme d’habitude), be good bonnet heads, and I’ll talk to you next month.    

  • Bob

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