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Happy Fourth of July!! (Yesterday) So, chicken on the barbecue, French potato salad (fresh from 'Who's Going To Do The Cooking?"), cold beer, and fireworks everywhere! Hopefully, they didn't start any fires. Sadly, I believe they did.
Let's see, what did we do this month? Well, we went to dinner to celebrate the birthdays of Hersha Parady (Alice Garvey) and Rachel & Robyn Greenbush (both Carries). And we went to the Smoke House in Burbank, as it was just re-opening. (Lots of room between the tables!) That was a great evening.
Then there was "Nasty Nellie's Prairie Pride", straight from the Comedy Club in our basement. We had a blast with this one! Alison told stories of going to the first Pride celebration in Griffith Park back in the day. (When dinosaurs walked the earth . . . ) Now, I should warn you, as Alison is getting busier, there will be fewer shows from our Comedy Club basement in the future. Maybe one in August, not sure, but she's booked for the rest of the year. Just sayin' . . .  
Aah, then we took off for a few days in Las Vegas. It was good to get out of town. We stayed with friends, and managed to get down to the strip once to see Rich Little at the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana. That was a great show! And Alison played the slots. (Spent $20 and won 41 cents!)
OK, now for the Alison Run Down. (Warning: As things open up and Alison travels more, she may have to curtail some of these activities.)

1. Daily Book Readings - Every day, usually at 1:30 pm Pacific time, Alison goes on Facebook Live and reads. She is currently reading "On The Banks of Plum Creek". (Chapter 20 today) Here's the link to her page: Alison FaceBook
2.  Bonnets, Etc. - Bonnets, tin cups, books, photos, Alison sells them all at her online store, 'Not Your Mothers Mercantile'. Everything autographed. Here's the link to the store: Alison Mercantile  A new shipment of bonnets just in.
3.  Cameo - Alison and many others from the show are now on Cameo. You can now have your favorite cast member record a personal video greeting - Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, you name it!   Check it out: Cameo Website   Or... cut to the chase: Alison Cameo
4. Coach the World - Alison is also on Coach The World, where you can book a 15 minute interactive chat with your favorite celebrity. Here's their website: Coach The World
5.  Radio Show / Podcast - The Alison Arngrim Show is on every Tuesday night at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. The best way to catch the show live is, well, not to go to Alison's page on FaceBook. For some reason, your best bet now is to go to the UBN Radio page on FaceBook: UBN FaceBook. Her guest this coming Tuesday will be a re-run of her interview with John Cantwell. And look for George Chakiris in a soon to be scheduled show.
6.  Who's Going To Do The Cooking? -  Alison will be appearing on her FaceBook page, cooking something, with instructions. And the show has just moved to Friday mornings at 11:30 am. The idea is to go simple and basic, for people who don't cook, or haven't cooked, or think they can't cook. So far she has made many incredible dishes. (According to You Tube, the Apple Pie episode is still the most popular!) You can find all of these on her YouTube Channel: Who's Going To Do The Cooking?

Schedule? Who said schedule? Let's do schedule . . .
First up there is Galaxy Con on Saturday, July 10th, at 1:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Eastern). That's next Saturday! Here is their website: GalaxyCon LHOTP Event   From the website: ”The GalaxyCon FREE "Fan Interactive" Live Stream Q&A is the kickoff to the Little House on the Prairie Virtual Experience." Check out their site. This thing is like a virtual cast reunion! Here is the list of participants:
Melissa Gilbert  (Laura Ingalls)            Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder)
Alison Arngrim  (Nellie Oleson)           Bonnie Bartlett (Grace Snider Edwards)
Hersha Parady   (Alice Garvey)           Wendi Lou Lee (Grace Ingalls) - Autographs only
Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle)           Rachel Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls)
Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane Wilder)    Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls)
Ketty Lester (Hester Sue) - Possibly autographs only
As you may have noticed, they've added a couple. Karen Grassle and Ketty Lester have been added in the last month.
There will be interactive Q & A, Autographed Photos, Autographed Posters, and One-On-One Video Chats. I'm going to be tuning in for this one!! ("Me too!!" said Sock Monkey.)
The next one up is the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant in DeSmet, South Dakota. It is now on their website, Alison and Dean Butler will be appearing the weekend of July 23rd - 25th.  And there will be a special performance of "Confessions" in the afternoon on Sunday, July 25th. Here is their website: De Smet Website  Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for children (6 - 12), and children under 6 are admitted free.
Tickets for the performance of Confessions will be sold separately. Here is the link: Confessions Tickets
Sunday, July 25th, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Tickets are $50 each, and, from their website: "This performance contains adult content and is not recommended for children."
 A live in-person appearance, Alison AND Dean, on the darn Prairie itself, with a performance of Confessions thrown in!! (It's been quite a while since anyone has seen "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch" anywhere!) Wish I could be there for this one! ("Nyah, Nyah! I'm going!" said Sock Monkey.)
Then, a couple of days later, there is the Carrie Ingalls 150th Birthday Celebration in Keystone, South Dakota. This is on July 27th & 28th, and this time you get both Alison and Charlotte Stewart! (Uh oh, those two are always up to no good!) Here's the website: Keystone Website  This event always includes a side trip to Mount Rushmore, which I've never even seen yet!
Then, in August, it's the Premier and Theatrical Release of "Even In Dreams", a film by Savannah Ostler. (Featuring Alison as a rock-n-roll band manager!) Here's their website: S & S Productions This is going to be great! We're definitely going to this one! The Premier is on Wednesday, August 4, and the film opens in theaters on Friday, August 6th. Here's a link for the trailer: Even In Dreams Trailer  FYI, the premier showing at 6:30 on August 4th has sold out! And they've added another showing at 7:00 pm. (Movie is selling out even before it opens!)
So, we get to fly to Utah, hang out with some really cool people, and go to the opening of a film that features Alison! Who could beat that?!? (By the way, if you go to the website, you can submit a request for the film to be shown in your area. Hint, hint!) I already did!
And then, no longer a rumour, Alison returns to New York City. At a different club this time. On Sunday, September 19th, Alison will be presenting "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch" at Caveat, 21-A Clinton Street, Manhattan (212-228-2100). Check out their website: CAVEAT Website  Door open at 3:30 pm, show starts at 4:00. Tickets are $22 in advance, and $25 at the door. You can get tickets here: Confessions Tickets   COVID POLICY: All attendees must present proof of full vaccination to enter.
OK, that takes us through September. Then it's off to France in October!
Rumour Control
1.  Have you been to Atlanta? Could you go to Atlanta? Could Nellie go to Atlanta? Hmmm . . .
2.  Aprons?? Prairie Aprons??  (Nom, nom, nom!!)
3.  Rochester? What's in Rochester, anyway?
4.   Been to Missouri, but never Branson. Could we? Should we? Would you?

Tom Gregory Interview - One from the vaults, here is Tom Gregory interviewing Alison on July 7, 2013: Tom Gregory Interview
Walnut Grove - Here is a story from The Globe in Worthington, Minnesota regarding the local cast of Walnut Grove's Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant: Wilder Pageant Stars
Heeeres Amy - Remember Alison's Comedy album "Heeeres Amy"? Still available from Uproar Entertainment. For the full story of the album, from Alison herself, check out their website: Heeere's Amy!
The Origins of Sock Monkey - Continuing our nostalgia trip, here is the sixth chapter of the Saga of Sock Monkey from February 2012: 
The Saga of Sock Monkey   (Chapter Seven)  
So Grier and Sock wandered over to the restaurant.  Alison was there, and David was just arriving. Princess Millie was there, too. They all went in and found a seat.  It was a nice restaurant, specializing in pizza. Everyone ordered, got their drinks, and presents were passed around. When it was Grier’s turn, he looked a little sheepish, and hemmed and hawed a bit, and then said to Alison, “You know, it’s hard to get you a present.  We never know what to get.  But this year, I have something special.  A traveling companion.  Alison, meet Mr. Sock Monkey!” Alison looked him up and down.  “So, Sock Monkey, eh?” she asked.  Sock Monkey said, “Yep, that’s me!”  “You like to travel?” “Sure do!” said Sock Monkey. “You got a passport?” “Nope”, said Sock Monkey, “Don’t need one!” Well. You’re in”, said Alison. And Grier was well pleased.  And Princess Millie was pleased too, because a travelling companion was her idea. And David was speechless (a rare thing!), but since Sock Monkey was wearing a University of Tennessee outfit, he liked it.  And the snow kept falling . . . .  
(To be continued. . . .)
Cubles - OK, if you like Little House (Duh!), and you like paper dolls, you will love the Cubles Little House On The Prairie series of dolls. Check them out here: Cubles LHOTP  If you've been following Alison's daily FaceBook readings, you know that there was a recent trivia contest, and the winners got a set of LHOTP Cubles. You also remember that I got to put one of them together as an example. So I tried one just on my own. (Statue of Liberty, we didn't show that one!) Not so good. Then I watched the How-To Video, and put together the little prince. That went much better, and we showed that one. Moral of the story: Watch the video first, and then have fun! (Pa is supposed to be the most difficult one!)
Maintaining our lives in the age of COVID-19 - Well, it appears that California has opened back up, for better or for worse. Many people are still wearing masks when they go out in public, and I support that idea. I still wear my mask every day, even when I'm at work. OK, we've all been vaccinated there, so I don't wear it all of the time, just most of the time.
We need to be careful of the variants that are going around, The Delta variant is now the prevailing virus in California. And since viruses mutate, there will be more variants in the future. Remember though, viruses mutate as they spread, so the more of us who get vaccinated reduces the spread, and therefore reduces the mutations and the chance of other variants spreading.
Speaking of vaccines, Alison and I are thinking of getting another one. The J&J vaccine and the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines work in two different ways. Since we already got J&J, we're thinking of getting one of the other ones just to round out our protection. Our doctors is recommending it, and the vaccine study also thinks it' s a good idea. So we're gonna do it.
Again from Dr. Anthony Fauci: "I don't know how to explain to you that you should care for other people." But we must. Be kind, be considerate, and take precautions.
Prairie Tidbits
Hersha Parady (Alice Garvey) - Hersha is still working on a new play. I believe the title is "Corn Monsters", and she'll let us know when it opens. Saw her last month to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday, Hersha!!
Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) - Charlotte is still busy making her "Beadle Bags" and staying healthy.. Then there's Galaxy Con and Keystone, and look what I found! This is Charlotte being interviewed on the Jim Masters Show on June 23rd. Check this out: Charlotte Jim Masters   Good job, Charlotte!!
Wendi Lou Lee (Grace Ingalls) - Wendi was recently interviewed on Forgotten Hollywood. Check it out here: Wendi Forgotten Hollywood  Good job, Wendi!!
Rachel Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) - Well, somebody is having an anniversary today. Happy Anniversary, Rachel & Danny! You guys rock!

The Saga of Sock Monkey    (Chapter Ninety-Eight)
Sock Monkey was perturbed. They were on the way home from the Cherry Blossom festival, and he was not exactly sure what he thought about the whole thing. OK, so they had a great time. They REALLY loved Alison at this one. (Everyone loves Alison!) But the cherries! There were only a few cherry blossoms, and a few places to just get cherries, but then they went and put cherries in everything! There were cherry pies, cherry cakes, cherry cookies, cherry cupcakes, they even had a cherry chicken salad sandwich! And the people! There were historians, politicians, relatives of politicians, actors, dancers, comedians, authors, singers, there was even the lady who was the actual model for Tinkerbelle! But that wasn't the worst part, oh no. It was the autograph tables. Oh, they all lined up for Alison, she was very popular. And she had a great time signing autographs. But then . . But then . . They started asking for HIS autograph!! They all seemed to know him! In fact, he signed so many autographs they had to get a rubber stamp made! (OK, wise guy, you try signing with a Sharpie when you have no thumbs! Just try it!) Sock Monkey sighed. It was very confusing. He looked up. "Alison, he said, where are we going next?" "You'll see", she answered. This was not at all reassuring.
 (To be continued . . . )

Catahoula News 
Catahoula is still on hiatus from performing. Check out our eventually to be updated website:  And we may be showing up somewhere deep in the bowels of the internet! As things are starting to open up, we will be booking and posting on our website. And if you really need a shot of Catahoula, you can always get copies of our CDs at Alison's Mercantile, or at I-tunes: Catahoula I-Tunes  Or Spotify: Catahoula Spotify  As always, "Laissez les bon temps rouler!!", with or without Catahoula! We will be back with you just as soon as we possibly can! Stay safe! (Wash your hands, wear your mask!)
There you have it. The Seventh Nellie Newsletter for 2021. Stay safe, mask up, wash up, get your shots, and be good to each other. And we'll see you in person soon!

As usual (Comme d’habitude), be good bonnet heads, and I’ll talk to you next month.

-   Bob

copyright 2021 Alison Arngrim