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OK, you asked for it! Here is a fabulous collection of Alison photos from her private collection. Many of them are personal snapshots that have never been seen before.

Alison with Santa (2002)

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Photos from Little House Years:

Some of Alison's Other Projects:

Alison and Her Animal Friends:

Alison - "What Was She Thinking?":

Alison in a Spanish Magazine:

Alison in "Echos Vedettes" Magazine :

Alison and Howie in costume for "Video Valentino", Blake Edwards Poductions - 1985

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
    (Sharon Phalon Smith was part of this production too - Howie)

Professional Portraits:

Alison's wedding as featured in
"HELLO!" Magazine:

Miscellaneous/Friends and Family:

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