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May, 2012

Interview by Elyssa Mulheron for Mount Tabor High School

What inspires or motivates you to create such art?

On a real basic level I get inspired everyday by just seeing what on earth I can come up with next. Whether it's a toy design or a mural just having such assignments to ponder is a really exciting task. I love the challenge from beginning to end to come up with the idea and design and then see it through to final execution. It's simply fun and is as much fun now as it was when I was a young art student. So the inspiration is the same: here is a challenge placed before me, how do I solve the problem in a way that is fun for me, and fun for the client and finally for the audience. I'm always trying to top myself while maintaining a somewhat consistent level of style and quality I hope. I'm always as excited to see the final product as my clients are. I think I can do it but I'm the one who has to come up with the 'goods' so, as they say, life is a constant audition.

Did your artistic aspirations begin early in life or did they evolve later?

Later. I had a good friend who was an artist from day one. Both his parents were artists so he grew up surrounded by creative people engaged in the daily routines of doing creative things. Not me. I grew up surrounded by blue collar working folks and I was just a goofy kid playing baseball and watching TV and going to school. Being an artist never occurred to me until I was 11 or 12 and I got a sketchpad and some pencils for a Christmas present from a distant relative. I will never know why or how but a light bulb turned on in my head and that was it. From that day I started drawing and I was an artist.

What is the fuel that allows you to come up with such brilliant creations?

Well it is how I pay the bills and make a living and there is no better fuel than the need to 'bring home bacon,' as Andy Warhol used to say. At this point in my life I have accumulated a pretty good portfolio of work but since you're only as good or memorable as your last project I have to constantly keep coming up with new stuff that is fun and exciting and relevant so I guess that all drives me and is my fuel.

Where have you found the most success in promoting your art?

Through various Internet and Web sources, period. Nothing else has ever worked. Before the Web I used to rely on personal relationships with clients and customers and such. Since the early 1990s and the explosion of the web and Internet everything has changed for the better and there is no better tool to promote artwork. And believe me I have tried everything from mailings, to ads in publications and annual directories to no avail. I have gotten very good at getting my work online and indexed in Google and various other places to come up in search results. In addition Ebay and Facebook and Pinterest and blogs and whatever else comes along all are great tools for getting my work out there into the ether so people can find it. I hear daily from people who find my work online and want to buy it or find out more about it. Awesome!

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