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January 2013 Vinylmation World Interview

As we said last night, Howie Green is one of the best artists in the world. His unique Pop Art and artistic techniques has been used on various platforms to create some amazing masterpieces. We have featured Howie's customs on many spotlight articles, but today's spotlight lets everyone see a little more into Howie's love for toys and his attention to detail. We hope you'll take a second and check out Howie's various pages below, especially his Etsy and eBay page where you can own one of his customs.

How long have you been creating Custom Vinylmations?

Howie: I guess for about 2 years. I kept avoiding doing the 3" ones because they are so small and had started doing 9" ones. I sold all the first batch of 9" ones and realized there were a lot of collectors out there who simply couldn't afford the large ones so I started in on the 3" size and have done 30 or 40 of them…all sold.

What/who inspired you to do Custom Vinylmations?

Howie: I'm a painter and a toy junkie. I'm in my studio painting and designing all day so I just combined my two major interests in life and whamo...Howie Green, Toy Artist is born. Plus when I was young lad and just learning to draw I had a Disney Learn-to-draw book that I copied regularly. So I have been doing Mickey and the gang for decades.

How long does it take to create one of your customs?

Howie: The 3" ones take longer to prep than they do to paint. I hate the prep process. Why the Disney folks don't just sell plain white blanks is a mystery to me. There is obviously a huge audience for them. So I have to sand and remove paint and wash and spray primer and let it all dry, etc. It's a drudge so I usually work on 3-5 at the same time and I'm finishing some and starting some to keep it all interesting.

It's kind of hard for me to know exactly how long an individual one takes.. I guess a day from start to finish. Mine all have a ton of detail and line work and such so that all takes time. And of course there are the inevitable mistakes that have to be fixed.

Which one of your Vinylmations has taken the longest to create?

Howie: The 9" tattoo one so far was the most time-consuming. It was brutal getting all those lines to be clean and crisp and perfect. And I have another one to do for a commission.

What should we expect to see next from you?

Howie: I'm doing more of my Pop Art wacky ones and more line work patchwork ones…whatever strikes my fancy. Plus I have a pretty steady stream of private commissions that keeps my Mouse Factory pumping.

If collectors want to see more or purchase one of your awesome customs, where can they find you on the internet?

Anything else you'd like to share?

Howie: I had collected toys my whole life and sold off my entire house full of them 10 years ago and swore I would never buy another toy. Then along came Kidrobot and that all changed. Then the Vinylmations started to appear and off the cliff I went. Now I have tons of toys again. However the difference is that by painting my own customs and buying and selling online I now have an addiction that more than pays for itself. Plus I love painting toys. I had been trying all sorts of platforms including Munnys and Dunnys and every other one I could find. The big difference between the so-called "urban" fan boy type collectors and the Vinylmation collectors is that Vmation folks are much nicer and friendlier and frankly a lot more fun!

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