The Howie Green's "Mr. Collection"

Welcome to the Howie Green's "Mr. Collection" - a collection of photos and images that showcases how the sense of etiquette and style is ingrained into our culture... we even name our products and businesses in a formal and proper manner.

Click on the links at right to see the images.

These images are collected by me as I travel from Kansas to Maine, from Los Angeles to London and the tropic isles - with a many contributions from friends and family including Stacey Rae Benner, Mary Cole, Aidan Dempsey, Zack Stern, Aidan Dempsey, Griffin Ersick ... and you?

As with our fabulous Orama collection I make no claim to owing any of these names or otherwise. This is just goofy stuff that makes me smile. All the various names, logos and likenesses are the property of their owners. We present them here for your review and amusement.

Send us your "Mr." - - and I'm always looking to add more Mr. things to the collection so if you see one send it along!

Howie Green

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Mr. 60's - Various Wacky Icons

Mr. A's

Mr. Apple

Mr. Appliance

Mr. Auto

Mr. Art

Mr. Atomic

Mr. B's

Mr. B's - 2

Mr. Bacon

Mr. Bacon Ornament

Mr. Bagel

Mr. Bagel 2

Mr. Bagel 3

Mr. Bar Stool

Mr. Bartender

Mr. Bartley'sMr. Beast Burger

Mr. Beer

Mr. Billiards

Mr. Bills

Mr. Bio Oil

Mr. Blobby


Mr. Box

Mr. Bubbles

Mr. Bucket

Mr. Bulky

Mr. Burger 2

Mr. Burger

Mr. Butch

Mr. C

Mr. Cadillac

Mr. Cart

Mr. Cartoon

Mr. Cesspool

Mr. Cesspool2

Mr. Chicken

Mr. Chief Robot

Mr. Chimney

Mr. Chip

Mr. Chipper

Mr. Chow

Mr. Christmas

Mr. Clearance Center/
Mr. Discount Center

Mr. Clean

Mr. Coffee (Spaceballs)

Mr. Coffee2

Mr. Coffee3

Mr. Cool

Mr. Convenience

Mr. Creepy

Mr. Cheese Os

Mr. Crepe

Mr. Cupcakes

Mr. D

Mr. D's

Mr. Data

Mr. Dean

Mr. De

Mr. Deals

Mr. DeeCee

Mr. Deelish


Mr. Dollar

Mr. Donut

Mr. Donut 2

Mr. Drain


Mr. D'z

Mr. Electric

Mr. Empanada

Mr. ET

Mr. FixIt

Mr. FixIt (Truck)

Mr. Fluff

Mr. Food Face

Mr. Fox Composting

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Fries Man

Mr. Frosty

Mr. Frosty 2

Mr. Fusion

Mr. Glass

Mr. Gourmet

Mr. Gravy Paws

Mr. Greek

Mr. Grinch

Mr. Grip

Mr. Grits

Mr. Grocer

Mr. Grout

Mr. Handyman

Mr. Handyman 2

Mr. Heater

Mr. Hipster

Mr. Hobby

Mr. Hot Dog

Mr. IceMan

Mr. Ice Crean

Mr. India

Mr. Jerk

Mr. Joe

Mr. Junk

Mr.Ketchup Head

Mr. Key

Mr. Kim

Mr. Lacy

Mr. Lasagna

Mr. Lamp

Mr. Lister

Mr. Liquidator

Mr. Locks

Mr. Lucky

Mr. Machine

Mr. Mac's

Mr. Mascara

Mr. Magic

Mr. Marker

Mr. Meats Sub Shop

Mr. Mercury

Mr. Messenger

Mr. Metal

Mr. Mike's

"Mr. Mike's #2

Mr. Mojo

Mr. Miami

Mr. Mister

Mr. Mobile

Mr. Monster

Mr. Monster

Mr. Moo

Mr. Mouth

Mr. Muffler

Mr. Music

Mr. Musculo

Mr. Mustard Head

Mr. Mystery

Mr. Nature

Mr. Northpole

Mr. Nut

Mr. Nutty

Mr. Paint Tray

Mr. Pastry

Mr. Patty

Mr. Pen

Mr. Perfection

Mr. Pets

Mr. Pickle

Mr. Piss

Mr. Pit Stop

Mr. Pix

Mr. Pizza

Mr. Pizza 2

Mr. Pizza Toy Car

Mr. Plow

Mr. Plumber

Mr. Plywood

Mr. Plywood

Mr. Poll

Mr. Pop

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Perfection

Mr. Postal

Mr. Postcards

Mr. Print

Mr. Pool

Mr. Product

Mr. Q

Mr. Quality

Mr. Radar

Mr. Rags

Mr. Rental

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

Mr. Rock

Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rubbish

Mr. Safety

Mr. Show

Mr. Sign

Mr. Sizzle's

Mr. Smoke

Mr. Snips

Mr. Soda Pop Head

Mr. Soffit

Mr. Softee

Mr. Softee 2

Mr. Souvlaki

Mr. Sparky

Mr. Speed

Mr. Spliffy

Mr. Spray

Mr. Sports

Mr. Steak

Mr. Steamy

Mr. Stuff

Mr. Suazo

Mr. Sub/Mr. Gyros

Mr. Subb

Mr. Sushi

Mr. Sushi 2

Mr. Sweeper

Mr. T's

Mr. T Snacks

Mr. Tape

Mr. Tayto

Mr. Tea

Mr. Tea 2

Mr. Tea 3

Mr. Telephone

Mr. Teenage

Mr. Ticket

Mr. Tint

Mr. Tire

Mr. Tools

Mr. Toppers

Mr. Tow

Mr. Trash Wheel

Mr. Turk

Mr. Tux

Mr. Twisty


Mr. V

Mr. Vinyl

Mr. Wax

Mr. Weenie

Mr. Welcome

Mr. Window

Mr. Whippy

Mr. Whisk

Mr. Wires

Mr. Wish

Mr. Wish 2

Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Yams

Mr. Z's

Mr. Zip