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Alison Arngrim is an exciting young multi-talented performer who is already a veteran of seven years on a hit television series, motion pictures, guest-starring roles on other series, and starring roles in stage productions and nightclubs.

Of Alison's portrayal of "nasty" Nellie Oleson on the long running "Little House On The Prairie," Don Freeman of TV Guide wrote that she was "an actress in the direction of Bette Davis and Bob Hope." He obviously recognized Alison's talent for combining villainy and comedy. In addition to her starring role on "Little House," Alison has guested on "Love Boat," "Fantasy Island" and the NBC movie of the week, "I Married Wyatt Earp," starring Marie Osmond. Alison is a frequent guest on talk shows and game shows including Merv Griffin, Match Game/Hollywood Squares, and Comedy Break.

Since the age of fifteen, Alison has been performing as a stand-up comedian in nightclubs such as the world-famous Comedy Store and Improv in Los Angeles as well as starring in comedy clubs all across the United States and Canada.

Additionally, Alison has starred in such stage productions as "Butterflies Are Free," "In One Bed And Out The Other," "Dear Brutus," "The Wool Gatherer," and "Cry Of Players."

The diversity of Alison's talent is not unusual when you consider her family background. Her mother, Norma Macmillan, has done hundreds of cartoon voices including "Gumby," "Casper, the Friendly Ghost and Caroline and Baby John Kennedy on the classic comedy album, "The First Family." Alison's brother, Stefan, is also an actor. As a child he starred in "Search For Tomorrow" and "Land Of The Giants." Most recently he starred in the feature film, "The Class of 1984," with Perry King and Roddy MacDowell. Alison's father, Thor Arngrim, has produced more than two hundred stage productions. He appeared on Broadway as an actor, and is currently a personal manager and executive producer for television and motion picture projects.

Although Alison enjoys television, film, and stage, stand-up comedy is a particular favorite. "With stand-up, it's just you up there - no props, no sets, or anything. If you flop you get all the blame, but if you're good - that's all yours too...I Iike that."

Alison places no limits on herself. She wants to play Las Vegas, do more films and stage - and she hasn't ruled out another television series by any means. "I'd love to do another series," Alison says. "Only this time I'd like it to be in this century, preferably indoors, and definitely without horses!"