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Little House Cast Updates:

Gosh, it's a time consuming effort just to keep up with everyone from that show! I feel like the "yearbook committee" in high school or something.

Let's see, I was just telling someone about Richard Bull, who played Nels Oleson. I told them this:

Oh Richard's been working like mad!! He and his wife Bobbie Bull, (also an actress), moved back home to Chicago several years ago, supposedly to retire. but he's done nothing but work since. They both did a movie in Vancouver, he does tons of voice-over and theatre. And just recently, he gave a shockingly brilliant performance as the Alzheimers afflicted father of a transsexual, in the HBO movie "Normal"! I almost didn't recognize him.

Check out how many movies he's made recently on Internet Movie Data Base:

And then Katherine MacGregor, (Harriet Oleson) is retired, but is very far from leading a dull life. She doesn't do any more TV, so everyone is curious about her. She has the most rumors about her of anyone on the show! (No, she is not married to her swami. They're just good friends.) I try to sort out most of them on my website here.

Now Willie (Jonathan Gilbert), is a little more difficult, his own sister Melissa, has trouble keeping track of him. (That's right. "Laura" and "Willie" are real life brother and sister.) He was stockbroker in New York for a while, but at last call that I heard, had become a Buddhist and was doing marvelous things for the poor in Africa and Central America. Go figure. I always said he was a good boy, really.

Now as for that even-more-rotten-than-me Nancy, (Allison Balson), she's no slouch either. She did a couple of films, (see IMDB -, and is currently performing as a singer at clubs around Los Angeles. I haven't seen her yet, but my husband's in a band, and the people at the clubs he plays have heard her and say she's great! I found her record label here, where you can read the "Allison Rox 4 U" newsletter.

So, as you can see, we Oleson's Mercantile folk are a diverse bunch to say the least. But we do try to keep busy!

- Alison