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Fan Fun!!

If you have any "Nellie" or "Little House" art we'd love to see it. Send us a photo (.gif or .jpg)!

I really hope you get this! It was fabulous seeing your show last night at The Cutting Room! You are incredibly talented and definitely deserve your own TV Show (I mean, if The Two Coreys can have their own show you should have your own Network!!). I hope there is something like that in the future for you!

I wanted you to have an email version of my dog, Beetie dressed as Nellie Olsen this past Halloween. I promise you that I donšt torture her with costumes EVER but I saw the wig in the window and couldnšt resist. The funny thing is that Beetie is one of those ŗsmiley˛ dogs except every time I put the wig on her, she went immediately went into character!!

I would be honored if you would put Beetiešs Halloween picture on your website. She is a 3 year old rescue jack Russell-cattle dog mix who was turned into the Kill Shelter here in NYC last year by someone (obviously a real-life Nellie Olsen) who actually requested that she be euthanized! What a change of luck for her it would be to end up as a star on your site!


Best, Randi Honig

I just found your website and am really enjoying it! Just the Nellie punching game alone has held my attention for a good twenty minutes! Thank you for taking the time to create a website like this! It's so informative and fun. I think you are a truly fascinating person.

I'm from the baby generation who grew up with the original airing of "Little House on the Prairie", born in the fall of 1973, it was definitely a huge part of my childhood! In fact, Little House was the only show my mom would let me stay up late to watch. Then I would go to sleep and dream about what I had just saw and talk about it to whoever would listen the next day. Kind of a silly thing to say, but there it is. And yes, I am still completely addicted! I could probably open a Laura Ingalls Wilder museum of my own with all the things I've collected.

Hey, if you have time, could you possibly send a quick "Hi Teri" so I can print out the email and show everyone I know?!! They will flip! If not, that's ok too. I'll still return to your website often. It's one of the best ones out there!!!

Thanks for reading my email.
Teri Kent
Sidney, Ohio

Hi Alison,
When are you going to come visit Portland, Oregon? We'd love to see you doing your "Prairie Bitch" show, or perhaps participating in our AIDS Walk as you did in Seattle. While you're here, we could always take you by the gravesite of Nellie Owens to pay our respects. Love your work and your website! Thanks!
Collin Bounds

Hi Alison,

I just have to tell you how I was physically assaulted by a little old lady because of Nellie Oleson while I was at work.

I'm a chef and on sunday night I had a table request me to make an appearance for this 14 year olds birthday because she said she wanted to be a chef someday.(If she only knew that its nothing like the Food Network!) Well, I get to the table and this girl is with her family including her grandparents. I introduce myself and ask the birthday girls name and she says her name is Nellie! Since I happen to never think before I speak, I say to her as if she would know, "Were you named after Nellie Oleson from LHOTP?" and I kinda snicker and look at the older family members thinking they would maybe get a laugh or something?

Well...the granma stands up and starts yelling at me in the middle of the dining room about how nobody in their right mind would ever name their child after Nellie Oleson and how dare I hint that her granddaughter may have anything in common with such a mean and ruthless person like Nellie Oleson!! !The best part is she slapped me in the face and sat back down while the rest of the family just sat their with their mouths open in disbelief. The girls mother apoligized and started yelling at the old lady and I just stood their feeling like the biggest jackass in the world with the whole damn dining room stareing at me.

I finally said happy birthday to the girl and walked back to the kitchen. The whole staff was laughing their butts off at me and I feel so stupid but I think its the funniest thing thats happened to me in a long while. I will NEVER hear the end of this at work and I heard a rumor that there was a local newspaper reporter eating a few tables from the this family. I havnt seen an article in the paper yet and I truly hope it never surfaces.

I thought you might get a good laugh at this so I had to share it with you. I got my a$$ kicked byy an old lady just for you Alison so I hope your proud of me. People really don't like Nellie and I cant help but wonder what people may do or say to you? If you ever come to Oklahoma City...wear a helmet because their is a granny here that doesnt like you.

Thanks for your time Alison,
Aaron Holmes

And then Aaron wrote...

Hi Alison, Its you old buddy Aaron the beat up chef from Oklahoma City just updateing you on the madness here in the mid-west!

I recieved an apology letter from the family of the granny that knocked me out in the first round last week. I am trying so desperately to find out their last name so I can explain myself a bit better and let them know your not "really" nasty like Nellie but I think their so embarrased they want to stay anonymous. I tryed to look at the name of the reservation they made it under that nite but they asked the hostess to erase it. How crazy is that! And so far nothing has showed up in the newspaper so thats a plus.

My wife just asked me who I was emailing and said that I need to stop makeing such a big deal about this so I apoligize if Im bothering you. I just thought you would like to know. I guess knowing that you see the humor in the situation helps me deal with the embarrasement a little better.

One more once told me you liked lobster bisque. I have a great recipe that I came up that is basically my claim to fame around here but I working on putting it on paper. Its hard to do because I usually just go by taste and not by measuerment. If you want...I'll give you the recipe as long as you dont share it with anyone! trust me...its a keeper.

Thanks for you time Alison,
Aaron Holmes

And then Alison wrote back....

Ok, I want the bisque recipe. I won't tell anyone - but I might cook it for people and they may think I'm as good as you!

(Oh, by the way - Melissa Gilbert says she and I should show up at your restaurant unannounced and totally flip out your whole staff! Yes, I'm sorry, I've been keeping the whole Little House cast in stitches with this story!!)

The entire idea of these people being nuts enough to
A: attack the guy who just made their dinner,
B: then try to apologize - but ANONOMOUSLY!!
C: have the hostess erase all trace of them from the book - "oh my god! We attacked the chef in a Nellie related incident!! We must all go underground and assume new identifies at once!!"

this all has me in absolute hysterics! It's out of a movie! And the idea that this is all over a TV character I played 30 years ago!! I am rolling on the floor!!

It's like something you'd see on an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"!! Priceless!!


Alison and Barnaby Marriott at the Little House Reunion on July 15, 2004 at Hollywood Park.

Alison and Radames (John, Jr., Little Grasshopper) Pera at the Little House reunion at the race track. Alison wrote, "We're both old and married to other people now, but he still has the "Dune" book I bought him! He never did like lime jello though".

We received this image from Alison from fan Jeremy Carter. That's Jeremy on the left dressed up as Nellie...or is it Baby Jane?

On March 9, 2003 Alison attended WOW 7 for AIDS Project Ariziona and had her photo taken with a fan...who's name we don't have. If this is you in the photo please let us know so we can acknowledge you.

The real Nellie?

Below is a photo of my father's Uncle, mother and aunt (in that order) when they were children. I was first shown this pic when Little House was on the air and I about fainted. It is my great aunt Alice who bore such a striking resemblance to the character of Nellie Oleson. I thought you might enjoy it for the website. - Michelle Gussow

I wanted to send a drawing I did of Alison for her website if she would like to put it on there. I just finished it this morning and I hope that she'll like it. I noticed the invitation to send art so I'm taking you up on it! Let Alison know that I love her and the work that she's done. - Shelli Bird

(Click on image for larger view)

Now this you have to see to believe!

Eric Caron, a big "Little House" fan who lives in Montreal, built these models and sent in these photos along with a nice letter. Thank you Eric! We LOVE it!. Click here for more...