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Alison Goes to Paris - 2/02

Read Alison's reactions to Paris and desciptions of her trip. If you never encountered Alison's wit and humor before you are in for a treat - Howie

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AND still more photos....


Two photos of me with the famous French director Alain Chabat. Alain Chabat has directed and appeared in numerous films including the new "Asterix et Obelix: Mission Cleopatre" in which he also plays Julius Caesar.

He also produced and directed a lot of sketch-comedy television shows and is sort of a French version of Ernie Kovacs (if anyone reading this is old enough or weird enough to know who he is. In addition, he did the French dubbing for their release of the animated film "Shrek".

He is very sweet, but wouldn't put down his cigarette for a second and nearly set my hair on fire as a result. I am told this is a common problem in France.

The lady next to me in these pictures is Jeane Sarve. She is a major commercial actress and voice over artist in France, (sort of like the French version of what my Mom did), and is responsible for the voice of Nellie Oleson that all the French people hear when they watch "Little House On The Prairie". She and I played "dueling Nellies" backstage, taking turns screaming "Mamaan!!!" like on the show.

And then there are these photos from a French web site.