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I've noticed while surfing the web that my website is sometimes listed at other people's websites as one of their favorites. So I thought I ought to let my fans link up to site I think are worthwhile. I'm starting with these:

AIDS Project Los Angeles - well obviously. This is where I got my start volunteering to fight AIDS - read about their wide array of programs.

AIDS Project Los Angeles Donation Guide

In NYC and need the best tour guide in the city? Contact Jim Dykes who has hosted Alison, Joan Rivers and numerous other celebs.

Tuesday's Child - still helping families and children impacted by AIDS, (Now not just in L.A.!! First AIDS Direct Service Organization to go national! Yeehah!) - Peer Education Program of Los Angeles

National Association to Protect Children

The Official Home Page of Andrew Vachss: The Zero 5.0 - If you enjoy really scary crime/detective novels (not for the faint of heart!) and/or want to read about someone who's really serious about helping victims of child abuse, (also not for the faint of heart), this is your man. (Be careful - whatever you do, don't startle the pitbulls!)

The Greenbush Twins who played "Baby Carrie" on "Little House" have their own web site at

The Urban Legends Reference Page
Urban Legends & Modern Folklore
If you had any doubt that some people will believe absolutely anything, read some of the stuff currently circulating. (These are both really handy to have around when your friends start sending you those lame e-mails telling you about "Free Phones, Clothes, & Money - Just forward this e-mail to 8 million people now!!!". )