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  Doing a so-called "master copy" or homage of another artist's work is a tried and true exercise that most art students complete as part of their early training. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the head of an artist and figure out how they did what they did and examine all the decisions they made as they created their work.

As an ongoing life-long exercise doing master copies is valuable for any artist. The process takes us out of our personal comfort zones and makes us reexamine our own approaches to what we do by comparing it to what we choose to copy. And I use the word "copy" lightly. I have always been a huge fan of other artists and, over the course of my career, have done many homages of works by a wide range of artists I love: some literal, some totally made over in my own style or vision.

Artists tend to be rather colorful characters, and, since I love doing portraits, I recently started doing portraits of artists just for fun. I have accumulated quite a few of them and decided to pair up my portraits with my versions of their works and this portolio of images became a reality. My apologies to one and all. I meant no harm.

Howie Green

Jean Michael Basquiat pop art portrait
Jean Michael Basquiat

Aubrey Beardsley Pop Art portrait
Aubrey Beardsley

Botticelli Pop Art portrait
Sandro Botticelli

Mary Cassette Pop Art portrait
Mary Cassatt

Paul Cezanne Pop Art portrait
Paul Cezanne

Dale Chihuly Pop Art portrait
Dale Chihuly

Dean Cornwal Pop Art portrait
Dean Cornwall

Salvator Dali Pop Art portrait
Salvator Dali

Edgar Degas Pop Art portrait
Edgar Degas

Sonia Delaunay Pop Art portrait
Sonia Delaunay

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