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Kevin Hagen who played Doc. Baker on Little House died peacefully in his home on July 9, 2005 after a brave fight against cancer. He is survived by his wife, Jan, his son Kristopher and his step daughter Erin, and all his Little House "family", who love him very much. Click here for more information.

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The Rock had a crush on Nellie??!!?
According to the recent issue of InStyle Magazine wrestling and movie star, The Rock, had a crush on Nellie. When asked who his first celebrity crush was The Rock is quoted as saying "...the blonde girl - Alison Arngrim - from Little House on the Prairie. She always seemed naughty to me, like she needed a spanking." INDEED!!!

No one was more surprised than Alison to find herself and Nellie the subject of an expansive and fab article in the New York Times last Sunday, Dec. 14! Emily Nussbaum wrote a review of an episode of "Little House" called "The Music Box" that is appearing on the Hallmark Channel. The article refers to "the brilliantly scary Alison Arngrim", mentions Paris Hilton, and then goes on to give a glowing review of the evils of Nellie over the years while calling in references to the National Inquirer and "Dangerous Liasons". Its a must read! Click here for the article. Wow, The New York Times gets Nellie! Go figure.
Look for Alison on the Travel Channel's TV ROAD TRIP series Episode 5:
Host, Christopher Knight, "Peter" from The Brady Bunch, joins Alison as she act as tour guides of the Little House on the Prairie's site location in Simi Valley, California.

Alison notes that the midwestern prairie where the real Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up never had so many trees and rolling hills. Alison divulges that show creator Michael Landon intentionally had the whole set destroyed because he didn't like the idea of their sets being used in less wholesome films. When asked if she could hack a life on the prairie today, Alison replied, "I don't want to live in a century where I can't get a botox injection and a green apple martini, preferably at the same time."

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